November 18, 2011

Void Lord

Finally! Done with this! Now working on Talent Points Quests... I need 183 Spirits and make +20 weapon... any suggestion about this?

About Master Class Quests:
(For what I heard, did and learned) 

Warrior and Wizard only 5/6 quests are needed. Hunter and Summoner you collect points - for this u need good party and after doing each quest, leave party to get more points like if you soloed. Remember, u get more points by the damage u do and less time it takes u to do it, so be fast and strong. i got the 22 points from Summoner easy. I didnt do lights, cube and knights quests. Remember, now is a good moment to do this, later on, they will fix all the glitches and bugs, so better hurry! 
If u have a question let me know, i will try to answer.

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