October 21, 2011

Rappelz Epic 7 Part 3 - The Trial (AKA The Stone Golem) Revenge of Vulcanus


Many ages ago, before the Asura and Deva came to dwell in the land of Gaia, a creature of fire and molten stone threatened the world. With his mastery of fire, the primitive human warriors could not stand against him. He consumed their homes and villages in his ever-growing need to destroy. Until, finally, the Goddess granted humanity the gift of magic, and the people of Gaia used this power to split the creature they named Vulcanus into many shards, each only containing a portion of his fiery might, and then banish the shards from the world.
But Vulcanus was not destroyed. Split apart and locked in many tiny prison dimensions, his power consumed even the chains that held him. And now he has found a crack in the prison wall. Sending out spikes of power from his prison, he has finally gained a foothold in the land he once called home. These footholds are tiny passages that allow transport between Vulcanus's prison and the world of Gaia. He cannot escape yet, but his power has begun to seep through. If left unchecked, Gaia faces certain doom. But lone adventurers may slip through the passages and face the shards of Vulcanus in his prison. Only these brave souls can stop Vulcanus before he wreaks his revenge!
The lair of Vulcanus is a unique dungeon that can be accessed at level 30 or higher, but can only be entered alone. To enter, you must collect 20 Imprisoned Soul and take them to a Shrine of Vulcanus, where you can use them to enter his molten prison. Once inside, you must face waves of Vulcanus's fiery minions, then descend further into the prison with more imprisoned Souls. Only after defeating all of Vulcanus's minions will you face Vulcanus himself. Remember, though, that this is only a shard of his true power, so gather your courage and achieve victory!

Source: http://rappelz.gpotato.com/ascension/

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