September 12, 2012

Rappelz Epic 8 - Pets

Found it on the forums, the link is below. 

New creatures :
- rank: unique
- five creature added :Undine,Minatour ,baphomet,picksaw,slaughter

pics brought by corsola ,published as source in russian rappelz website:


- belt skills:
- we have infos about them ,but it might be bugged , put them later


skill test vid:baphomet taken from mikeshBS youtube channel:

A- skill name : quick wave:MP regain
-skill CD:15s
-skill type:self toggle
-effect: it gives 200% increase in mp regain
- 6mp every 5s

B- skill name: quick wave:cast
-skill CD: 15s
skill type: self toggle
-effect: +40 cast speed
- consume 350 mp every 5s

C- skill name:sanctified necromantic
-skill CD: 10m
-type : support type
effect: revive party members with 15s mp and hp restore in minimal amount 

D:skill name:Charm of hands
-CD: 24s
-type healing skill
- hp restoration for 18 seconds,every 3 seconds 1 tick 

E- skill name:Wave blow
-type:magic damage dealing skill
effect: dealing magic damage with causing 10s debuff -3% p.atk/-3m.atk

F-skill name: Quick healing hand
type:healing magic
effect:heals hp directly 
G-skill name:healing wave
-type:healing skill
-effects:HP restoration skill for 7s ,each 1s gives a tick 

H-skill name: ancient knowledge (staged pet)
-effect:100% chance of activating a self buff when attacking,it increases m.atk+200 and it stacks 5 times reaching 1k (for S5)

(there is one skill i forgot to translate)

- Undine:
A- skill name: pressure strength 
- CD:30s
- type: physical Damage dealing skill
- infos: its and AOE(group attacking) skill ,it gives 1s stun

B-skill name:Vitality overbreed
type.self buff
effect: a self buff for 15s gives +50% vitality/+50% max hp/-50% mov.spd

C-skill name: provoke blow
type: physical damage dealing skill

D-skill name:Impact blow
-type:physical damage dealing skill
effect:debuff to target when using the skill for 10s , -5% p.atk/-10%p.def

E-skill name: lightning's fist
-type:physical damage dealing skill
info: a three hit skill

F-skill name:bright heaven 
skill type: magic atk 
effect: causing continuous damage to the enemies,have high threat level

A- space gap
-type :self toggle buff
-effect:skill info doesnt show it ,but it stacks 5 times ,probably this toggle gives a chance to dots or debuffs to target


B-nightmare begins
-type: physical Damage dealing skill
effect: getting DOT(Damage Over time) on target for 15 s ,every 3s one tick


C-darkness whisper
-type:magic damage dealing skill
effect: getting DOT on target for 15s,every 3s a damage (tick)


-type: AOE (area of effect)DOT(damage over time) skill+physical direct damage
-area: 5 meters
-effect: causing continuous damage for 21s on target (DOT) ,each 3 s = a damage (one tick)


-type: DOT(damage over time)+magic direct damage
-Effect:causing continuous damage for 21s on target (DOT) ,each 3 s = a damage (one tick)


-type: physical attack
-effect: 20s debuff -35% mov.spd,stackable 2 times


G-madness running(staged)

-effect: 15s self-buff, +17.5% mov.spd/+35% strength/+35% int

-type:physical damage dealing skill
-no effect
-type:physical damage dealing skill
-effect:debuffing target for 10s , -18.5% p.atk/-18.5%p.def

C-seismic wave
-type: physical attack skill
-info: 3 hit attack 
D-Soul harvest
effect: when killing target a chance to get a self-buff for 1m,25s if the target was within 15 levels from you,u get p.atk+18 /p.def 7+,and it stacks 99 times 
E-Soul harvest enhance :
effect:it enhances soul harvest skill
effect:when killing target a chance to get a self-buff for 3m if the target was within 15 levels from you,you get +4% p.atk /+2% p.def, the effect stacks for 5 times 

picksaw :
A-pickax swing 
-type: physical damage dealing 
-no effect

B- Beat stance :beast
-type :Aura self toggle :
-range: 15meter
-effect:when activating toggle to pet, party members will receive auras ,people around pick might recive 2-4 auras each gives +2 vitality \+2wisdom \ auras lasts for 45s wheb away from pick, and auras renewd every 10 seconds when near pick 
C-beat stance:hunt
-type:physical damage skill
-no effect
D-Beat stance:Destruction
-type:physical damage skill
E-jelly stance:revenge
type:toggle aura buff
effect:when activating toggle to pet, party members will receive auras ,people around pick might recive 2or4 auras each gives +12 p.def/+12m.def
F-Lamp prison
-type:physical damage skill
effects: causes hold for 8s on target

G-Scent stance:knowledge light 
-type: healing skill

H-jelly stance:pickax turn
-type:physical damage skill
effect: causes 3s stun

I-scent stance:peace
-type:healing skill
effect:Hp restoration for party for 15 seconds,every 3s 1 tick

j-Scent stance:Heal
-type:toggle aura
effect:when activating toggle to pet, party members will receive auras ,people around pick might recive 2or4 auras each gives +72 mp regain/+24 Hp regain ,lasts 45s away from pick, renewed every 10s near the pick

K-Master stance:harmony (staged)
-type:aura toggle 
effect :when activating toggle to pet, party members will receive auras ,people around pick might recive 2or4 auras each gives ,+36 mp regain/+12 hp regain/+6 p.def/+6m.def/+5vitality/+5wisdom

This is new 5 pets unity/belt stats.


Unity - MP Recov/movement speed
belt stat - lv40:+19% int
lv90:+18% max hp/+11% max mp


Unity - P.def/P.atk/movement speed
belt stat - lv40:+9% vit/+9% str
lv90:+9% p.def/+9% p.atk


Unity - p.def/m.def/movement speed
belt stat - lv40:+9% vit/+9% wis
lv90:+9% p.def/+9% m.def


Unity : P.atk/M.atk/movement speed
belt stat - lv40:+9% str/+9% int
lv90: +9% p.def/+9% p.atk


Unity - P.def/movement speed
belt stat - lv40:+19% vit
lv90: +19% p.def


September 4, 2012

Back to School Rappelz Events

Event 1 – Fall Login Event

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Rewards for Everyone!

Daily rewards will be distributed to your account for just logging in (No Time Requirement)! Get an item each day that you log in for the event! (Daily rewards are awarded on the following day).

Week 1 (9/4 ~ 9/10): Stamina Saver (like always)
Week 2 (9/11 ~ 9/17): Animal Cracker (once again)
Week 3 (9/18 ~ 9/24): God Mother Fairy’s Bottle (not bad)
Week 4 (9/25 ~ 10/1): Lucky Potion (that sucks)
Week 5 (10/2 ~ 10/8): E-Protect (yeah, so you can fail until ur over)

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Bonuses!

What’s better than logging in to collect incredible items?! Getting bonuses for having logged in consecutively to collect those items! These bonuses are awarded to players who have logged in everyday for the week event period on top of their daily prizes! (Weekly rewards are awarded on the following day of the completion).

Complete Week 1: Unity Ring [30 Days] (crap)
Complete Week 2: Obsidikar Loot Pet [15 Days] (more crap)
Complete Week 1 & 2: Hidden Village Pass [7 Days] (could be better)
Complete Week 3: Phantom Lydian [28 Days] (no need since ppl will get tiger from HV)
Complete Week 4: Butkadah Loot Pet [15 Days] (blah)
Complete Week 3 & 4: Hidden Village Pass [7 days] (= 14 days)

Monthly Bonus!

What’s even better than weekly bonuses for logging in to get prizes?! A monthly bonus for having completed the log in event! This bonus is awarded to players who have logged in everyday for the whole month.
Complete Month of Logins: Permanent Loot Pet! (Monthly rewards are awarded during the first maintenance after the event ends)

Grand Prize Rewards!

Monthly Bonus winners will also be automatically enrolled to win an epic grand prize!

New IPAD (1 Player) (good luck!)
5,000 Bonus gPotatoes (5 Players) (winners will be random ppl we never met)
Razer Mouse (5 Players) (same)

Event 2 – Welcome Back To Rappelz!

As schools are welcoming back their students from summer vacation, Rappelz is welcoming its players back as well. If you haven’t logged in your account during the summer (June 4, 2012 to September 4, 2012) and log in during the log in event period you will receive a special welcome back package! (are they trying to buy me with presents?)

Special Welcome Back Package:
- 28-day Phantom Quilin
- Stamina Saver x5 
- Animal Cracker x5
- 7-day Hidden Village Pass

Event 3 – Rewards for Being a Loyal Player!

The top 100 accounts with the most play time from June 4th to October 10th will receive an exclusive item package. In order to qualify you need to have a level 50 character or higher.

Exclusive Loyalty Item Package:
- 30-day Hidden Village Pass
- 30-day Deco Boss Pet - Butkadah (why not permanent?!)
- 28-day Divine Council Wings (same question, WHY NOT PERMANENT?!)
- E-Repair x2
- E-Protect x5

For more information please visit our forum.

Pet Edition - Blue Pixie

The Blue Pixie (BP) is one of the more popular pets in Rappelz. While the Red Pixie is adept at damaging opponents, the BP concentrates on healing, with healing spells similiar to those of the Cleric. Stage 0 Blue pixies don't offer any buffs, but the Staged pixie can learn a buff spell.
The BP is the best readily-available healing pet in the game, especially if it is staged. It easily out-heals a Unicorn or Angel, healing multiple targets in a party and also increasing a target's HP regen % with the stage skill. Once the Blue Pixie is stage 5 it also outheals an Ifrit. The level 150 active skill makes a Blue Pixie an incredible asset for sieges; the skill can heal a dungeon core for millions of HP. The BP's ressurection skill also proves useful in certain situations, like ressing a healer in a dp if there is no Druid.
Blue Pixies are great healers, however they lack nukes and their base damage is very low (it's based on the BP's Dex and Agi stats, both of which are low), making them very poor choices for pets to deal damage with. Also, the base vitality on the pixie is relatively low, which means if it pulls aggro it can easily be killed if not quickly rescued.
Overall, this pixie is by far one of the best pets in the game. Drawing aggro with a pixie is always an issue but it can be countered by carefully timing heals. At higher levels a party's damage output is usually so high that it becomes almost impossible for a Blue Pixie to steal aggro. Granted, it has virtually no damage and tanking ability, but it can easily be kept out of harm's way. And it is by far the best healer in the game when it's staged.
Blue Pixie cards may drop from any monster at any lv.

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