October 21, 2011

Rappelz Epic 7 Part 3 - The Trial (AKA The Stone Golem) Master Class

Some heroes are more than just ordinary adventurers. Some are destined to become the best of the best. Some heroes will ascend into mastery.
If you are level 148 and have completed the quest Witch Burning, then you can become one of these heroes. Journey to the Dead Spirits Altar and speak to Hector to begin your Ascension.
Master Classes are special elite classes with extremely potent skills and spells. These new abilities will change the way you play in unique ways, and allow you to specialize your character like you have never been able to before.
To ascend to a master class, you must first complete the Master Trial. This trial will test both your mettle and your mind, pitting you against ruthless foes and devious puzzles. Only the most dedicated heroes will prevail!
Each class will ascend to a unique master class. Only by unlocking your master class can you reach your full potential!

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