Rappelz Wish List and Goals

Wish List:
★Hidden Village pass
★E-protect Powder to plus my staff
★Stamina Savers
★Animal Crackers
★Skill Cards +5
Full R7 gear
Fallen Angel Wings
Fresh Angel (S1)
Fresh Unicorn
★Fresh Ifrit
★Stage 5  Blue pixie (S3 atm)
★Stage 5  Red pixie (S3 atm)
★Stage 5 Siren (S3 atm)

★Get more active members for ShadowHearts (140 )
★Help my guild in whatever they need. (on it)
★Make my staff +20 Lv.10
R6 Naga
R6 Red Pixie
★Own a dungeon with my guild
Reach R7
★All my pets Lv. 115+
★All my characters Lv. 100+
★R7 Naga

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