March 4, 2011

Rappelz: Dimensions part I

In the aftermath of the battle with the revived Witch, the truth comes out: this Witch was not the true Witch! The hero Hector, the man who defeated the original Witch thirty years ago, knows that this could not be the same Witch he fought so long ago.
A clue leads to a laboratory so secret it was built between dimensions, in a place where no one could find it…until now. The sinister Church of Brighton's ultimate weapon has become its weakness, as the Vault of Lies has been revealed by the death of their false Witch
What lies inside the Vault of Lies? An ancient priesthood lurks within, performing foul experiments on unwilling beasts and humans. One such experiment is the Demon Girl, so overwhelmed with hatred and self-loathing that she will do anything to see the downfall of her creators.
And at the heart of the Vault are two familiar figure's one a martyr, the other selling his soul to gain the power of the Witch.
The Vault of Lies is not the only thing being unveiled in Epic VII: Dimensions. The hidden secret beneath Veiled Island also awaits brave heroes to unmask a long-buried truth. The truth of Kaia, the Ice Maiden, trapped beneath the snows...

The Vault of Lies is a new Rank 6 Dungeon accessed from beneath the pillar at the Templar Headquarters, the base of which has been shattered open, revealing a sealed passage into the extra-dimensional fortress at the heart of the Church's darkest secrets.

Hector has proof that the Witch is not as defeated as she seems, and players will have to solve this mystery to explore the Vault and put a stop to both the sinister experiments and the hidden conspiracy surrounding the truth about the Witch.

The Vault of Lies contains several areas full of dark secrets and dangerous new enemies.The Church's fanatics guard the priests while they use experimental magic to conduct dark and forbidden experiments.

Some of their warped creations have turned against their makers and these unfortunates may prove valuable allies as you explore the bizarre layout of the Vault of Lies and search for the Witch's Prison to discover the ultimate truth.

More to come...
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