What does ___ means?

WTS: Want to Sell
WTB: Want to Buy
WTT: Want to Trade
LF: Looking For
DP: Dungeon Party
LFDP: Looking For Dungeon Party
SS: Stamina Saver
AC: Animal Crackers
CNC: Creature Name Change
CRS: Creature Resurrection Spellbook
CM: Chaos Mage or Crystal Mountain
WL: Warlock
CV: Cristal Valley
PP: Palmir Plateu
DMR: Dungeon Moonlight Relics
LM: Lost Mines
AFK: Away from Keyboard
WB: Welcome Back
WTF: What the Fuck
WTH: What the Hell
PC: Price Check
CS: Cash Shop or Costumer Service
IDK: I don’t know
IDC: I don’t care
GG: Good game
GJ: Good job
GZ: Congratulations
Lvl: Level
Alt: Alternative Character
BS: Battle Sorcerer
SB: Soul Breeder
SH: Shadow Hunter
HLP: High Level Pet 

If you would like to know more, leave a comment. 
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