September 14, 2010

Epic 7 Release - Messy day.

Stats taken in Sept 14, 2010 @ 6:12pm -4 GTM

Game Servers:

Tortus Server (normal) ( - Offline :(
Pantera Server (pvp) ( - Offline :(
Bahamut Server (normal) ( - Offline :(
Naga Server (normal) ( - Offline :(
Fenrir Server (normal) ( - Offline :(
Unicorn Server (pve) ( - Offline :(

Other Servers:
Login Server ( - Offline :(
Official Website ( - Offline :(
Official Forums ( - Offline :(
Index Server ( - Offline :(
Patch Server ( - Offline :(
Launcher Index Server ( - Online :)
In-Game Guild Status and Help Server ( - Offline :(
Game Guard Patch Server ( - Online :)

Players are having problems with Game Guard, Launcher and even with Manual Patch. Every new Epic we get is the same mess.

*Took me from 3pm to 12am to finally log in.


  1. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one finding this problem. It's ridiculous that they issue log-in events and you can't even log-in! This has been a great game for me so far, but it is definitely fraught with bugs and the updates seem to create more rather than truly fix anything. Great slideshow and music. Peace!

    As I am,

    Laochailan (LV50/JL43 Fighter: Tortus Server)

  2. Hola lady, agregame al msn, juego rappelz en naga server mi pagina es

  3. you'd think they hire some techs that are qualified instead of these morons that dont know thier butts from a hole in the ground


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