March 4, 2011

Rappelz: Dimensions part III

With the addition of Rappelz Epic 7: Dimensions comes several new items, including new armor sets, boss cards, loot pets, secret dungeon weapons, and magical attack shields!
With our newest dungeon comes a whole new set of armor called the Ergon Cratos Suit! This armor is imbued with an ancient magic that is the signature of the dimensional creatures, and it cannot be found anywhere in our own world.

A new set of armor is also available through combining items found around the Veiled Island. By combining a Stormguard Fragment with a Boreas' Breath, and a Crystal Shard, you can create a piece of the Stormguard Suit!

Boss cards are a new item being added in Rappelz Epic 7: Dimensions that can be equipped on your belt slot to increase your character's stats. Boss cards cannot be used to summon, they cannot be enhanced, and you can only equip one at a time. Be careful though, as your boss cards have durability and if they reach 0 they will no longer provide the bonus when equipped. You can restore your boss card's durability by using a soul shifter.
In addition to the exciting new armor, weapons, and cards being added with Rappelz Epic 7: Dimensions, we have several adorable new loot pets!

- Equipment and Inventory have been split into two separate windows, allowing for easier management of items.

- New streamlined methods of repairing, restoring, and recharging items and gear

- Durability is now displayed directly under the item's icon, as well as within a new drop-down list that can be toggled using a button on the mini-map

- The Combine and Enhancement windows have been expanded, complete with a new formula list that serves as a reference for players when combining and enchanting items

- "Weapon Switch" feature allows you to switch between two sets of weapons in the character window.

-"Repair All Items" feature that repairs all worn-out items in your inventory.

- Ability to hide deco items, with the option to hide individual items (using right-click to bring up a menu on desired item.)

- Ability to hide deco items, with the option to hide individual items (using right-click to bring up a menu on desired item.)

The current mob ranks have been streamlined to be more effective and recognizable for players when gauging mob difficulty

All the info were taken from the official site, take a look! 

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