March 4, 2011

Rappelz: Dimensions part II

Legend has it that many years ago, an evil Asuran king by the name of Marek had an unquenchable lust for power and ruled with an iron fist. He longed to control the entirety of Gaia, but was not powerful enough to defeat the armies of the Gaia and Deva. His seers spoke of the four swords of ice kept locked away in the Goddess' kingdom in the sky that gave the bearer complete control over the element of water, and Marek knew that with this power he would dominate the world.
Marek gathered an army of the most skilled warriors and mages and launched a surprise attack against the holy domain of the Goddess, slaying her guards and taking her maidens captive. The king fell in love at first sight of Kaia, the most beautiful of the maidens, and vowed to steal her away to make his wife. With a swiftness known only to the Asuran, Marek had burst through the armory doors and seized the four swords of ice. The Goddess received word of the attack as the Asurans were making their retreat, and she furiously struck down Marek's army as it was halfway through the ornate gates. As Marek and the remainder of his army magically floated back to land, they witnessed the scores of their fallen comrades rain onto veiled island
Marek formed a sizable expeditionary force and travelled to the veiled island to search for any survivors. He brought the powerful swords of ice and the beautiful Kaia with him, for he could never let her out of his sight. They searched the thick, colorless fog for the bodies of his fallen soldiers and set out to bury them and set their souls to rest. The gruesome work could not be completed in a single day, and so they set up camp for the night. This was the fateful night that Kaia crept from her bed and stabbed Marek with a tiny dagger while he slept. Gravely wounded but still alive, Marek rose in a fury and cast her aside. He ripped the dagger from his chest and seized the swords of ice from the chest where he kept them locked away. He dragged her to the center of the island where he threw her into the lake. Using the last of his strength, he plunged the swords into the lake and froze it solid, trapping Kaia within. He fell at the edge of the lake and bled to death as the unsatisfied swords consumed the entire island in an ice storm. The expeditionary force, with inadequate equipment to survive a powerful storm, froze to death in the night, and the unburied soldiers' spirits were left to wander the wasteland as death tyrants
After years of struggling against the swords of ice, Kaia finally managed to weaken them to the point that their grip on the island had slackened. All of her efforts came to fruition as she finally broke free from the icy prison that held her for so long. As she emerged from the frozen lake, the spirits of the maidens Marek kidnapped centuries ago were drawn to her and became reborn inside fragments of the frozen lake. Kaia lingers on the island to this day, waiting for her reborn maidens to mature so that she may return them all to the holy domain of the Goddess.

One of the exciting new features being added in Rappelz Epic 7: Dimensions is the Creature Stable!
Located just outside of the south entrance of Rondo, the Creature Stable can be used to take care of your extra creatures. In order to place your creatures into the stable, you will need to purchase Stable Passes from Sonya, the owner of the stable. Sonya has three and seven day versions of the Creature Stable Pass for sale, which allows you to put one creature into the stable. She also sells Premium Creature Stable Passes, which allow you to put up to two additional creatures in the stable.
There are many benefits to using the new creature stable system. After purchasing the required pass, you can leave your pet at the stable where it will gain experience while you are away. In addition, you can leave an Animal Cracker with your pet which will cause it to gain experience points faster. Your pet cannot exceed your own level while in the stable, and the maximum level your pet can reach while in the stable is 100.
Also, you can help Sonya take care of your pet to get a present once per day. The presents could be many things such as creature spirits, stamina bottles, creature potions, food items, or even empty creature cards!
You can take your pet out of the stable at any time, but be careful when using the stable; if you forget about your creature and leave it in the stable for 30 days after your Creature Stable Pass expired, your pet will run away and disappear forever!

More to come...
All the info were taken from the official site, take a look! 

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