September 24, 2010

About the Harlequin Pet

I have NO full info about this pet, but I gonna tell you what I know and heard:
  1. This pet DOSNT drop
  2. DO NOT attack - is just a deco.  Doesn't have attack skills, just passives.
  3. Its seems it dosnt have differents evolutions - just one - I haven't seen other evo's
  4. I heard u can get it by combining enchanted pets (aka dura pets)
Now the pics

If someone of my readers own a Harlequin, plz leave a comment with info about this pet.


  1. i have harlequin
    you get it when you fail a pet enchant at s3 or higher usualy. its somewhat rare but not realy worth anything besides decoration


  2. Magellan Fenrir9/27/2011 7:33 PM

    It only gives you higher success rate(skill) when staging pets in two ways: when summoned and when combined in staging.


Thanks for comment! I'll answer you back soon!

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