November 23, 2011

Patch Notes (Epic 7 Part 3: Ascension) - 11/15/11

  • Master Classes (with accompanying new skills) have been added! 
    • Asura:
      Assassin -> Slayer
      Shadow Hunter -> Deadeye
      Chaos Magician -> Void Mage
      Warlock -> Corruptor
      Battle Summoner -> Overlord
    • Gaia:
      Champion -> Berserker
      Archer -> Marksman
      Druid -> Magus
      Battle Kahuna -> War Kahuna
      Evoker -> Beast Master
    • Deva:
      Knight -> Templar
      Soldier -> Mercenary
      Bishop -> Cardinal
      Priest -> Oracle
      Soul Breeder -> Master Breeder
  • New Creature - Golem!
  • Pets no longer disappear after expiring in stable (now moved to inventory)
  • Chipping system revamped - new skill "Luna Chip" introduced
  • All chips have been consolidated to become Luna Chips
  • PvP damage has been reduced
  • Hard mode dungeon mobs had their health lowered and damage increased
  • Lak trader now trades for Luna Chip bundles
  • Talent Point system for Master Classes introduced
  • Various skills have been tweaked
  • Quests with chips have been modified to provide the new Luna Chips instead
  • Various parts of the interface have been revamped
    • Character window
    • Target window
    • Creature Formation window
    • Creature Stable window
    • Minimap window
    • Character Creation menus
  • World Map has been revamped
    • Added new quest and NPC icons + an accompanying legend
    • Able to zoom in and out of specific areas of the map
  • Able to view additional info on creature cards in the Auction House
  • New Vulcanus Dungeon (and entrances) has been added the world!
  • New Quest Markers have been added to NPCs (floating above heads)
  • Various decorative elements have been added to NPCs around town
  • Some monsters in the world have been moved and tweaked

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