December 29, 2010

More about E7.2 - Bosses cards.

More about E7.2 from the forums.  This are bosses card that you can get from them. I still dont know how does it work, I think is something with the belt, not sure.  If you know any  info, please post it in the comment section below this post. Thx.

I like how the art looks like, pretty cool.

What you think about it?


  1. Your pictures look very nice... but the information isn't correct!

    Betty boss card, dominatus boss card, kiscia boss card i have and the info is incorrect!

    Betty gives only 1 lvl on my SB so that's 7 extra secs on DS. And not sure right now but i believe the cards gives wisdom not dexterity.

    Dominatus gives a 5 seconds petrify skill effect

    Kiscia card has no influence on spiracle charge skill!!!

    Hopes this helps a little... cya ingame!

  2. Yeah, this info was for the time the cards where out at KTS, so this info isn't exactly what we got ^^


Thanks for comment! I'll answer you back soon!

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