December 16, 2011

Weekend Sales! - 12/16

A new weekend, a new list of great sales that will help
you enjoy your Rappelz experience!
Broke your gear while enchanting? Save your time and sanity - purchase
an E-Repair, and get an additional one for FREE! This limited deal will go
a long way in bringing your gear back to working order!
Working hard to be the best? Invest in a Lucky Box of the Hero! This box
contains 1 Stamina Saver, along with a chance of earning any of the following:
1 Lucky Potion2 Godmother Fairy Bottles1 E-Protect1 Growth Potion,
or an Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit!
Last, but not least - blaze along the EXP trail with our Growth Potion Pack!
This pack includes 5 Growth Potions, which double the EXP and JP you gain 
for 1 hour! As a bonus, we've thrown in 5 Animal Crackers for FREE!
Have your pets level alongside you in record time!

Now tell me, with all the hacks going on, rupee spammers, scammers and so on, we gonna "enjoy" our Rappelz experience?  Players wont buy in the cash shop if this keep going the way its been, people is getting tired of the bad costumer service.  This is really upset. Only focusing on sales and not helping the players who are the one who give money to Gpotato/Gala-net. 


  1. They haven't gotten any money from me nor will they.... Not until they take customer security seriously. Account protection is not something you can do once in a while with a big update and then forget it, you need to be proactive and constantly monitor and improve your security on a daily basis. You should have a team of dedicated hackers/ security testers testing your defenses and advising you on weaknesses and how to secure them. Blackhat hackers are constantly learning and adapting to new security measures, why do companies think they don't have to do the same?

  2. We play the same server, ^^, keep doing the good job here in blog.


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