December 18, 2011

Stay Open until every Issue is Fixed 24/7

Gala Net (Administration Team)
Gala Net (Customer Service)
Public Relation (Kitty)
Vice President of Operations (Seung Hwan Yoon)
Director of Business Development (Jay Heo)

We the players of Rappelz would like you to please update us on what is being done to stop the hacking and also what is being done to restore the people being hacked in a timely fashion. We really do believe that you should be staying open 24/7 to restore our accounts and also fix the hacking issue. The process that is taking place right now with a email being sent and than no communication on your part for week’s even month’s is not a very good business practice and we believe that the loyal players that have been around for many years deserves some type of answer. At this time we have recorded countless hacks on your forum with it ranging over all of the server’s but yet no reply on the forum for what is being done to help us the ones that pay the light bills and keep your business running. All we are asking is that some one please reply and give us some type of update on what is being done.
We all know you have a issue we just want to know what is going on to fix the issue. This auto gen email that we get when we open a ticket to check our computers for key loggers and Trojans is nothing more than a stall tactic on your part. There is no way that every user reporting a hack in the last few weeks are all infected with a the same key logger or Trojan. We also believe that the practice of closing your door’s to your customer on the weekends when we are in need is nothing more than another stall tactic and also very bad business practice and ethics on your side. You have sales going every week and also post to vote Rappelz the #1 MMO game online today but yet you do nothing to prove you are the #1 MMO game with the amount of customer service you are showing us in this time of need.
Most of the people that have been hacked would love nothing more than to return to the game and have Rappelz the game we love called the #1 MMO game but yet how can we when we are being left in the dark on any fixes or time frames on when people will be able to return to the game.
All we ask is that some one any one from your company take the time to at least update us on the forum and fill us in on what steps are being taken to handle this issue and show better customer support in our time of need. 

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Post By: SnakeDoc - Fenrir 

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