January 3, 2011

Dungeon Party

Hello everyone! Today I wanna talk about Dungeon Party (DP).  A Dungeon Party is a group of players (8) who get together to kill monsters inside a dungeon.  Its very simple but tricky.


All you need for a DP is:

Luna Chips (depend on the DP rank) x100 -Everyone must donate 100 chips-
Heal Potions x10 (Never trust a healer, so you better be prepared)
Mana Potions x10
Attack Speed Potions (if you use Physical attack) x5
Wind Potions x5
Spell Potions (for spell casters) x5
HP Regen food x10
MP Regen drink x10
Stamina Saver* x1
Animal Crackers* x1
God Mother Fairy Bottle* (depend on you, I always have 5 with me)

[*] This items are from the cash shop so its your choice.

Most needed Classes:

In a regular DP there's some classes  needed. 
  • Cleric: Bishop | Priest: Any of those can heal, buff and keep the party alive.
  • Kahuna: Battle Kahuna | Druid: Their role is like being the nurse of the healer and support . They can buff and restore some HP but not like healer. They are like little helpers. 
  • Tank: Knight | Soldier | Champion: This guys are the one who get hit in the party.  They have high defense and a lot of HP.  Needed to hold agro, its the only one who should be getting hit. 
  • Chipper: Tank | Assassin: Its much better if the tank chip and pull but if the tank feels shy, an Assassin can do this job, since their are fast they can pull and run fast.  Shadow Hunters and Archers are good pullers.
  • Dark Mage: Chaos Mage | Warlock Both are debuffers and buffers.  Both have Wind Weapon  and Dark Might.  Chaos Mage have better buffs than Warlock, but Warlock have better debuff attacks.  This help controlling the additional monsters.

Something you need to know:
  • Make sure to always check and recharge your durability gear specially in higher DP's
  • Check everything before leaving town.
  • Remember to empty your Laks and bring your main pet. 
  • Make sure you can stay 1hr before joining the DP. 
  • Know the dungeon your going to, don't come up with "I don't know where is it" in the last minute. 


  • HLP: Whats this? HLP means High Lvl Pet.  Low lvl parties ask for this most of the time, you gonna need Evo 3 pets for this.  This is really hard for new comers, they start with low lvl pet, probably with basic ones and they cant join because of the pet. This is new since E6 (I think) the killing speed is fast but the low lvls get apart and without parties making the game experience harder and they probably end up quitting. 
    • ~My honest opinion about this: I started in E3, we (dps) used our lvl range pets and work hard for it.  Also this way we learned to use our  classes, HLP DP's is making a lot of noobs who don't even know what to do and all they do is send their pet to attack and stay doing nothing (saw this yesterday at LM2) So then, why are you playing? Your making your pet a slave and you are becoming a retard character who don't even know how to tank, heal or chip. Know your class before hitting R5 PLEASE! - Rage mode off-
  • DPLF:  This means Dungeon Party Looking For... The person shouting this will post the lvl and class needed.  If you qualify PM the person asap! 
    • "DPLF Healer Lv 130+" : this can be priest or bishop Lv 130-145
  • NEVER leave a party in the middle of Stamina Saver: If you dare to do this, one thing: KoS - you will be in some ppl Kill on Sight list and will be harder to find dps.
  • Use your Stamina Saver at the same time all the members do, never before or after they all "pop". 
  • Always pay attention: If you are a buffer, you need to rebuff, if your a healer you need to heal  in time and if your not, anyways you need to buff yourself 
  • Dont Leech!  Follow your party, attack when they attack (chipped mob only plz). If your leeching, once again - you will be in some ppl Kill on Sight list and will be harder to find dps. 
  • Use the right pet for your class: Use the best pet that  fit your class and your lvl range. Your helping the DP with the killing speed.

*Updated* I wont make another post at 4am -.-'
I hope this tips can help you all!  Let me know if there's something else to add.


  1. TyLee from Lydian Server1/03/2011 6:27 AM

    Some infos are wrong in here,

    -WLs dont ahve 14% Wind Weapon, they have 8%.

    -Kahunas are not nurses, they are support classes and they protect the party with their CCs and they are good DDs.(Well Battle Kahunas are better DDs, druids ate better CCs)

    -KS is kill stealing, i think you mean KOS (Kill on Sight)

    I didnt try to be a smart ass, I just tried to correct some infos.

    Have Fun ^_^

  2. U know WL dosnt have 14% i was talking about CM but u got it wrong so I better delete that.

  3. and about KS some ppl use KS not KOS =\ but in this case lets use KOS then, looks more complete.


Thanks for comment! I'll answer you back soon!

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