July 6, 2010

Who's LadyLuck?

LadyLuck is a Chaos Mage R7 (lvl 150+). This character was born on January 1, 2007. My first pet was a evo 1 Poultry and later on, thx to my boyfriend I got a Red Pixie named EvoTer. The Pixie still has her original name, ever since Epic 3.

When I was lvl 30-32 my boyfriend Zeifer made a guild called ShadowHearts, that is our guild. Few months later he stopped playing Rappelz so i became the guild leader.
ShadowHearts is a big guild in Fenrir server, we have over 100 members, from different parts of the world.
I've been playing since Epic 3 came out (Jan. 1, 2007.) Now my pet is a Naga named Lulubell  (got it in a dp at Sanctuary, I was lvl 115 tamed by G4nz0r - 1 try no Tpro)  but I still use my Red Pixie for farming.

Rappelz Character Database Profile for LadyLuck

Here's the real me 


  1. Wow... You're hot in real life too! XD

  2. i like ur blog...i found it when i was looking for CM guide..I'm 131 CM from Bahamut in 1percent guild. May i add u in facebook? Need to ask alots of questions :P

    this is mine : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1368732335#!/
    pls inform me, its u LadyLuck when u made friend request -ty-

  3. I used the link and I end up in my facebook home page O.o


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