September 4, 2012

Back to School Rappelz Events

Event 1 – Fall Login Event

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Rewards for Everyone!

Daily rewards will be distributed to your account for just logging in (No Time Requirement)! Get an item each day that you log in for the event! (Daily rewards are awarded on the following day).

Week 1 (9/4 ~ 9/10): Stamina Saver (like always)
Week 2 (9/11 ~ 9/17): Animal Cracker (once again)
Week 3 (9/18 ~ 9/24): God Mother Fairy’s Bottle (not bad)
Week 4 (9/25 ~ 10/1): Lucky Potion (that sucks)
Week 5 (10/2 ~ 10/8): E-Protect (yeah, so you can fail until ur over)

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Bonuses!

What’s better than logging in to collect incredible items?! Getting bonuses for having logged in consecutively to collect those items! These bonuses are awarded to players who have logged in everyday for the week event period on top of their daily prizes! (Weekly rewards are awarded on the following day of the completion).

Complete Week 1: Unity Ring [30 Days] (crap)
Complete Week 2: Obsidikar Loot Pet [15 Days] (more crap)
Complete Week 1 & 2: Hidden Village Pass [7 Days] (could be better)
Complete Week 3: Phantom Lydian [28 Days] (no need since ppl will get tiger from HV)
Complete Week 4: Butkadah Loot Pet [15 Days] (blah)
Complete Week 3 & 4: Hidden Village Pass [7 days] (= 14 days)

Monthly Bonus!

What’s even better than weekly bonuses for logging in to get prizes?! A monthly bonus for having completed the log in event! This bonus is awarded to players who have logged in everyday for the whole month.
Complete Month of Logins: Permanent Loot Pet! (Monthly rewards are awarded during the first maintenance after the event ends)

Grand Prize Rewards!

Monthly Bonus winners will also be automatically enrolled to win an epic grand prize!

New IPAD (1 Player) (good luck!)
5,000 Bonus gPotatoes (5 Players) (winners will be random ppl we never met)
Razer Mouse (5 Players) (same)

Event 2 – Welcome Back To Rappelz!

As schools are welcoming back their students from summer vacation, Rappelz is welcoming its players back as well. If you haven’t logged in your account during the summer (June 4, 2012 to September 4, 2012) and log in during the log in event period you will receive a special welcome back package! (are they trying to buy me with presents?)

Special Welcome Back Package:
- 28-day Phantom Quilin
- Stamina Saver x5 
- Animal Cracker x5
- 7-day Hidden Village Pass

Event 3 – Rewards for Being a Loyal Player!

The top 100 accounts with the most play time from June 4th to October 10th will receive an exclusive item package. In order to qualify you need to have a level 50 character or higher.

Exclusive Loyalty Item Package:
- 30-day Hidden Village Pass
- 30-day Deco Boss Pet - Butkadah (why not permanent?!)
- 28-day Divine Council Wings (same question, WHY NOT PERMANENT?!)
- E-Repair x2
- E-Protect x5

For more information please visit our forum.

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