February 9, 2012

Current AH bug with tamed leveled pets - UPDATE

by Azerwrath » 04 Jan 2012 08:35There is a current bug that is going across all regions of Rappelz that delevels your tamed pets when storing it in the AH to sell.
Please refrain from using the AH to sell pets until it gets fixed, thanks. 
For ALL of those that were affected in this bug, which de-leveled your tamed pet after taking it out of AH, please post here in this format:

Name of Character that has the pet on it:
What kind of pet is it:
Original level of it:
What level it turned out to be:
Did you buy/sell the pet:

Also note: Please have the pet placed in your inventory, and outside of your formation. Honesty plays a serious role in this one, so don't even try and lie ;)

Magma Edit: Before posting, make sure you place the creature in your formation, summon it, recall it, and then remove it from your formation again! If you don't do this, I cannot fix it!

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