December 24, 2010

Epic 7 Part 2 ★ ★ ★

Hello guys, here some of the info I found on the Rappelz forum posted on Nov. 03, 2010 by servedbyrinoa (started by him and follolwed by others)

❝Main quest 'Obsession' Guide
~ The quest is a continuation of the Witch Quest (Resurrection) Chain. You must complete the Witch Quest Chain to be able to do the Obsession Quest chain.
~ The quest will feature the new dungeon Esposito.
~ New monsters called Satan Girls will be featured. They are quest specific.
~ There are high EXP and JP rewards for this quest.
~List of Quests (read the table) ... l=ko&tl=en
~ Roughly

Rappelz Epic 7 Part 2 'Obsession Update':
- Items will have an updated icon to represent rank.
Rank 1-7
- Renewed Monster Type Color Grading
The type of monster is now represented in 16 different tiers to ascertain relative difficulty. The name color coding is the same as before, but it seems like the ++ and ** system that defines bosses and regular monsters or elite monsters is changed.
Gray (1 - 4 star) - Very Easy
Green (1 - 4 star) - Normal
Yellow (1 - 4 star) - Hard
Red (1 - 4 star) - Very Hard
- Redone inventory UI.
Inventory will look new (after 5 epics of the same UI). Combination, Inventory, Warehouse, Item Box, and two new menus will look similarly to the redone Guild Menu. The first new menu is for charging your durability stones and the second menu is for charging your equipment. It is no longer required to use the Combination window for recharging durability.
Offhand from just looking at the new inventory UI are these significant changes.
- The rentable/permanent mounts will have their own slot in the top left corner.
- The Item Box will have a tiny button at #7
- The order of equipment from left to right and top to bottom.
Helmet | Mask
Armor | Cloak
Gloves | Boots
Weapon | Shield/Weapon

Jewelry is in this order.
Earrings | Ring | Ring
- Notice the tiny progress bar which may indicate durability if the item has it.
- Another tiny button that shows a right arrow. Unknown function.
- Decorative slots will be to the left at #8
Unknown Button | Hat
Armor | Cloak
Gloves | Boots
Weapon | Shield
| Wings
- Another unknown button to the top right corner.
- Belt is near the bottom (with a new belt icon) along with 6 card slots with the first being whatever, second being an addition to the first, third is a +1 type card, fourth is a +2 type card, fifth and sixth maybe cash shop only cards (as indicated by the symbol).
- New lak counter (incorrectly spelled LAC) along with progress bar.
Inventory Box
- #2, #4, and the stuff under 4 seem to indicate sorting.
- #3 seems to indicate item deletion. Yes you can delete items now.
Combination, Item Box, Warehouse
- Nothing other than the new UI skin.
- There are new progress bars to indicate LAK amount and Weight amount.
Durability Menu
- #7 and #5 seem to be the durability menu instructing players how to recharge items. It is unknown if this is an NPC function, item function, or local player function.
The minimap will also be changed.
Only difference is the presence of a new dropdown bar that shows the amount of durability your items have left in the form of a progress bar.
- New quests
The lv130 chain of quests are now open. 11 new quests will show up.
- New cube recipes.
More items can be made with new cube recipes.
- The price of upgrading Rank 2-7 items will drop in price.
- Monster stat rebalancing.
- Item drop rates will be changed.
Monster difficulty reflects item drop rate now. "Most of the monster's drop rate will rise'.
- The 'Creature Farm' will be added.
- The farm is an actual farm! Situated south of the Rondo gate in its own little corner by the east mountain side. There might be more near the towns of Horizon, Laksy, Katan, and the HV.
- The NPC there has three options.
~ How does the creature farm work and stuff.
~ Drop off/Pick up your pet
~ Buy tickets for admittance to the farm.
- You have to buy tickets to be able to use the pet farm. There are two types, regular and premium. I don't see much difference between the two. Regular is sold at the farmhouse npc. The premium one is probably a cash shop only item.
- Two types of tickets for each tier exist. 3 day and 7 day. My 3 day didn't last one whole day but it's probably due to the conditions of a test server.
- When you drop off your pet into the farmhouse you must leave it there for an entire day (real world day I assume) for it to get items and level. I presume if you take it out and put it back in, it will reset the counter.
- There are special foods for the farmhouse pets to level faster with. This item is optional but if you use it, it will be consumed for faster exp gain.
- The patch notes and NPC clearly state a 30 day limitation. So I assume this means that you cannot leave your pets in stasis for more than 30 days. After this date I would assume the pet disappears similar to the Auction House when you do not pick up your won gear after 14 days.
- The use of the creature farm is for pets dropped off to gain exp and farm for items. These items can vary in the form of potions, misc gear, to creature cards:empty.

New main quest added.
The boss 'esposito' who is a demon type.
- A new monster is added.
Unknown at this time.
- Belt slots are added.
More stats can be added by combining items up to +3. Each + will add 10% to a certain stat and the multiplier depends on the +. 10% * 3 (for +3) = +30%.
*Pending further translation*
- Icons will be changed in the belt.
- Effects are added to enhance the weapon shop.
- New sea creature added as quest reward?
- New feature will be added to the auction house.
~You can filter wearable items from miscellaneous items.
- New creature added to strengthen the 'exterior changes'.
- A new splash loader will be added when running the game.
- Log files are changed.
- Summon creature order items added to the item shop (not known for US).
- Creature card will have icon changes.
- Creature card information will be changed on the UI.
- The Koala will have redone attributes and stats.
- A new dungeon codenamed 'Esposito' was added to the game, what effect this dungeon is is unknown at this time. It is presumed to be a quest dungeon.
- Two new music files added to the game. Uploaded for your listening pleasure:
- Some new items. Improvement on old items. New decorative pets and items. I see 5 new decorative hats.

What is NOT mentioned in this update:
- Master Classes.
- Improved community chat function.
- The racetracks. Also could of been mentioned but poorly translated. (I believe the racetracks are the creature farms)
- New pet(s). So far only one has been mentioned and not completely confirmed as a pet.
- New graphical effects for weapons and decorative items. This could be released later.

Hopefully that helps. This information is speculative at best considering the release is tomorrow and translations are poor.

More media!: - Inventory UI unveiled and described. - The Creature Farm
-New Deco Pets
-Gnoll skin ❞

so far

Sorry for the double post people.
This is gonna be a long list so bear with me. I will edit stats, names etc as I get more accurate info.

Baron Madius (His name is Desmond here for some reason)...:
+10 Strength
Chance upon hit of casting 15 second poison.

Raymond (The big fat boss dude in the Ship)
+10 Mental? (Idk what the hell this is. I think Wis...)
Chance upon hit of casting 7 second silence (I see a mage killer here people)

Sonya-gome? Any guess as to the identity of a boss by the name of Sonya? I have no clue
+10 Luck
Chance upon hit of self-buffing with 4-leaf clover...
Don't ask me what that is supposed to mean. If i am to venture a guess its probably increases your "luck" or chance of crits.

Oforia (good old M1, M2 ofo)
+10 Stamina? (I think this is Vit)
Chance upon hitting of casting 10 seconds of "seeing hell"... :shock:
Idk what that means but it sounds scary. If I am to venture a guess

Edit: nvm apparently this seeing hell is something different :shock:
Maybe a debuff? or blind?

Abhuva (Yes our favorite old boss man)
+7 agi and +7 concentration? (I think this is dex. Only thing that makes sense)
Chance upon shooting of casting 5 second fear...
I think this means its only usable with ranged weapons...
Am I the only one that sees this being heavily abused by SH's....

Primal Scream (Yes the scarey looking grim reaper in Lost Mines.)
+10 Intelligence
Chance upon shooting of casting 3 second stun...
(Again I think only usable with range)
I don't need to get into detail about how this can be abused.
Mages do us a favor... please equip this during DPs so the mob never moves...

Taranida (Forgot how to spell her name. You know its the big multiple-boob spider monster boss in Lost mines.)
+14 Str and +14 Agi
Chance upon hitting of casting "hold". I have no clue what that is supposed to mean. Again if i am to venture a guess its a seal? But idk how this is supposed to help because seals get broken when you hit the mob :shock:

Crustalino (Hey its our good old friend Crusty the party wipe machine. That @-hole killed me and my old r3 parties in CV countless times -_____-)
+20 Agi
+20 Crit Power
(Kinda lame... for a boss card if you ask me...)

Likirus (Oh another old friend...)
+20 Int
+1 Healing, +1 Lighting Bolt, +1 Aura of Santification...
There are two things possible with this. This card will act like a skill card increasing +1 to a person's already present skill.
This might actually GIVE people the skills... in that case we can see CMs and Warlocks healing people while we see BSes spamming FA and LB...
What has this world come to.

Soulseeker (There is the good and the bad and the ugly. SSK is one of the ugly ones if you ask me.)
+20 Concentration (Ummm again i think this is dex)
Chance upon hitting of casting self buff 10 seconds of sudden rush
(Hey that is a SIN buff. Not cool. --______--)
If you guys don't know sudden rush doubles up your movement speed.
Personally I think this boss card is useless compared to some of the crazier ones.

Rock House? Silex the Giant? (Literal Translation is Rock house. Closest thing to a rock house i guess is Silex)
+20 Stamina (again I think its Vit)
+2 to Deep Evasion, +2 to Gaia Buff, +2 Minor Healing
Seems like this card gives a +2 to all people who use their race specific skill.
This supports the the idea that the Liki-boss card acts only as a skill card increasing already owned skills by +1. (+1 LB and Liki boss card = +2 LB)
Imagine how overpowered it would be if you see Sins using the Gaia self crit buff -____-

Takin (Yup our scarey old friend from back in or PP days)
+20 Str
Chance upon attack of self-buffing with wild explosion.
Ummm if I am reading this right... isn't wild explosion the Staged Wolf Self buff that increases its attack speed by 48% along with -120 pdef?????
This can back fire/ lead to tremendous amounts of godly damage....

Stormbringer Lucius (Yes out fear + movement spd debuff genie of doom -_____-)
+14 Intelligence/ +14 concentration (Now im really confused... how does Int and dex go together... I don't think it is wis either because Raymond has a different stat that stands for mentality... Unless "mentality stands for something totally different... gawd *headache*) Jeez can someone help me find out wth concentration is?
Chance upon attack of self-buffing with sign of sudden magic.
I don't play mage classes a lot but I think this might be the CM haste...

Ah-mah-lel-le-suh (That is what his name sounds like phonetically to the best of my ability. Who the HELL is this guy? All i know is that he is somewhere around the lvl 110-120 lvl and can be a field boss mob or a dungeon boss mob.) (Anyone got any ideas?)
+21 Str/ +21 Concentration (*facepalm* idk what this nonsense is...)
+1 Shining Cluster, +1 Concentration (this one is phonetically spelled out which means its the Strider self buff concentration not a stat), +2 Archery, +2 Dual Axes (took me FOREVER to figure this out), +2 2h-axes
I think this helps with Gaia Passives??? :shock:
Such a strange boss card

(Or something along those lines. Also never heard of this boss. Again he is prob somewhere between the 110-140 boss lvl and can be anything from a field boss to a dungeon boss mob.)
+30 Concentration (sigh....)
Chance upon hit of self buffing with Calming Breath?
Idk what calming breath is. Is it some staged pet skill?
I need help here people :(

Osiris aka Aurumis (Im not 100% sure but from reports I'm pretty sure Osiris is Aurumis (It is) in the US version. God forsaken Laser of doom + invisible killer... at least to me)
+30 Str
Chance upon hitting of self buffing with 15 second blood sucker. (Octopus Life leech buff) Infinite god mode for sins... I am a very very very happy man.

Ah-Tah-Nah-Toe-Suh? Atanahtosis? (Again idk who the hell this is)
+21 Int/ +21 Mental (Wis? o.o)
Chance upon hitting of casting 5 second suck-hok (Scholar)?
Im sorry guys but im totally clueless here.

Tiara? (Never heard of this boss either...)
+30 Mentality (again I think wis)
Chance upon attacking of selfbuffing with a 15 second Resto...
:shock: :shock: :shock:
Holy Restos batman... :shock:

Ilrios The False God (Thank god figured out this one)
+21 Str/ +21 Stamina (Vit I think)
Chance upon shooting ( :shock: im confused I thought this meant only for ranged but i guess im wrong) to selfbuff with 15 sec reflection shield.
(this looks like one hell of a card to use for tanks. I think this buff functions in the same way as the gnoll buff...It might even stack with it)

Betrayal (Oh thank god a boss I actually know... -_____-)
+21 Stamina (Prob Vit)/ +21 Concentration (Im not even going there)
+1 Technical Creature Cut, +1 Two Swords?
Um I don't understand this at all... also Betrayal is one of the toughest bosses in game. What a disappointing boss card... Aurumis's is a lot better...

Crazy Bug aka Ashmaw (Name of the card is Crazy bug. But Ive got a confirmation that its actually Ashmaw. Thanks to slash1228 and bigbrainbrad for helping me work that out.)
+21 Agi/ +21 Int
Chance upon hitting of casting 10 sec crazy bug debuff. :shock:
Actually I found this out from watching Kwon's vids. Apparently its a -30% pattk and pdef debuff.... Holy crap thats powerful

Tomahawk? (Sand Lord Kynish???)
+30 Stamina (Vit)
Chance upon hitting of selfbuffing with Giant Anger? (Gale force???)
Wait a sec isn't this Sandlord? Then what the hell is Tomahawk???
This is so confusing -_____-

Draka? (High lvl Soul of Marduka type boss in VI)
+30 Agi
Max HP +15%
Rather boring to be honest -_____-

Queen E-Bah? Queen Eratia? Queen Eva (Not sure but its prob Queen Eratia)
+21 Agi/ +21 Concentration (idk)
Chance upon hitting of self buff for 15 seconds of "quenching their thirst for mana"
I think this is a mp regen buff... Or it might similar to the octo life leech buff except for mana... or a mp drain buff... i honestly don't know.

Guru of Pain ( :shock: )
+30 Int
Chance upon shooting of self buffing with Invulnerability....
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
What in the name of [provolone]

I think that is all of them people. All of these were provided in raw by slash1288. Thank him for giving me the info.
I tried my best. Now just to find out all the bosses and stats I didn't understand. (Holy crap super headache)

P.S. : If you guys give me a cookie (in the shape of a boss card) for translating for you guys in Epic 7 part 2 I will be happy :mrgreen:
Looking at the rich Baha guilds :wink:

Credit for helping:
kaunalapsi ❞

Postby jawnstarz » Fri Nov 05, 2010 1:12 pm
First look of Inventory,+ they added window for dura gear !


Re: Coming in Epic VII!

Postby itoki » Wed May 12, 2010 3:58 pm
Epic VII Outline - Part II:
Release Date TBA

1. Second Phase of Guild Improvements: Improved guild and community chat system.
2. Master Classes added. More details on this feature coming later.
3. New Storyline Quests and Dungeon.
4. Racetracks added. More details on this feature coming later.
5. Inventory system revamp.
6. New pets.
7. New graphical effects for weapons and decorative items.

All features are subject to change. This outline is not a full description of upcoming updates. 
by corsola112 » Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:04 am Image



They add a stat and are dura.

Anyone who know a guy that can speak korean? Id like to know the stats the first trainees island boss. But my guess would be +10 movement speed.


The new lv130 quests.

Quite alot of em :o
Unknown how many quests there are in total but it looks like at least 20+ quests
omgomgomgbuffs wrote:


More to come...

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