December 27, 2010

Some pictures about E7.2

More pictures I've found in the Rappelz forum.

New pet

Timed pet - I heard you can get it after doing a quest line, can buff and heal.

From the info i got, this might be the new dungeon.

Rappelz site
I dont know why, but I feel like this little guy:

Tell me guys, what are your thought about Rappelz Epic 7 part 2? Its there something you dislike? What you like most?


  1. I like the idea of master classes, but I read on the forums that they aren't part of E7 P2. Probably the new Boss Cards sound most interesting. Im still trying to understand how Combining pets works. What I do understand I have concisely stated on my blog:


Thanks for comment! I'll answer you back soon!

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