September 3, 2012

Been lost

Hello, LadyLuck haven't log in game because I got tired of the kids there.  Everytime I log ppl is fighting over PIXELS and the funny part, most of them are 20yrs old or 30... So yeah, I cant be around of idiots who take a game so serous.  I only log to check my account (since Gala security system cant be trust it) and to say hi to the guild.  I wish I could play the game without stalkers who dont even let you dp or kill a boss because they will PK since they think is THEIR GAME, THEIR SPOT and THEIR BOSS.  Out of that, there's no more respect from the players and GM's.  Players calling names to anyone at the point that is disgusting to see how the community has turned.  GM's thinks the players are stupid enough to spend more money on CS timed CRAP.  Oh yeah, that's one of the reason, new cash shop items that are timed and I heard there will be more coming, so the game will turn into a timed CS.  The events are really crappy this last yrs, there used to be nice events with cs items drops for any reason, not anymore, the cool events like Halloween and Thanksgiving are more crappier every yr. You have to farm for hrs to get shit.  Im so upset and disappointed about Rappelz players and Gala net. I will keep taking a break for now, who knows if I start lvling my alts or something any time soon... Btw, im not playing others MMO's, only played Diablo 3 and haven't touch it for weeks, I been playing PS3 for now and barely do it since I been busy with work and taking care of REAL LIFE stuff...

Btw, to those who only play Rappelz 24/7 (and think they are superior cuz of that) my suggestion is, get a fking life and stop btching at others.  Get a REAL relationship, REAL friends and get out of the fking PC that gives you nothing but frustration! Stop hiding your ugly ass face behind a screen and enjoy REAL LIFE! Thank you and have a nice day :) 


  1. Bit harsh dont you think?

    1. Yeah, just like most of the ppl who play Rappelz.

    2. BillyBlaster10/05/2012 2:29 AM

      not harsh at all that was all true

  2. Totalmente de acuerdo, Rappelz ya no es lo mismo.


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