August 3, 2012

From "Olympics Event" to "Medal Event"

From Velost

"Hi everyone,

We have recently received an e-mail from Brett Hirsch, a law clerk of the U.S Olympics Committee, and we were made aware of the fact that we are prohibited from using the word "Olympics" for our event.

We, the Rappelz team members, fully respect the law and the trademark. So, we are changing our event title from "Olympics Event" to "Medal Event". Also, any in-game items that contain the word "Olympics" will be patched to no longer contain the word "Olympics" during our next maintenance.

We sincerely apologize to anyone who may have been offended or troubled by our use the word "Olympics" in our latest event.

Thank you,
Rappelz GM Staff"

Thanks Eva for posting this @ Fenrir Group

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