February 26, 2011

Rosy Goggles are here!

Hey! Here's the Mardi Gras Rosy Goggles...

  • About this event:
    • I have to say I'm surprises by the drop rate and the items.  100+ chips and you can get like 2-3 items of this, but the glasses are the hardest to get.
  • What can you get from farming in this event:
    • EXP, Lak, and Drop Rate have been increased by 50%! I'm Lv 134, and I was dping last night in the Hard Cored Dungeon of Sanctuary, there I got 26%  with Stamina Saver.  My pixie EvoTer finally got R6, she got 80% in that DP.
    • Items droppings:
      • Creature Resurrection Spellbook
      • Godmother Fairy Bottle
      • Immorality Soap
      • Feather of Return
      • Creature Re-specialization Potion
      • Rosy Goggles (P.def 27 M.def 22)
      • Ancient Element Strike R5, R6 and R7 
How you guys doing with this event? Do you like it? Are you having fun?


    1. Awesome, i love this goggles :-D

    2. Nice event. I want this event in our Rappelz MYSG


    Thanks for comment! I'll answer you back soon!

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