June 18, 2011

Epic 7 Part 3 - The Trial

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Rappelz Epic 7 Part 3: The Trial - Update Information Thread

Postby servedbyrinoa » Tue May 31, 2011 4:08 pm
There is a new patch note for Rappelz Epic 7: The Trial (Part 3). Uploading to my website for you guys to read. I know there is another discussion thread about upcoming changes viewtopic.php?f=2&t=995789, so feel free to just discuss the patch notes here.

So my website seems to be down. So I'll just post the translated notes here:

1. The towns will be renewed. A new feature for NPCs will be added.
2. Renewed UI.
- Character Information Window
- Target / Face Window (when you select other characters).
- Creature formation window
- Character window
3. Record and taskbar icons are removed?
4. Something related to UI and information with characters.
5. Detailed information about creature cards in the auction house when on mouse over.
6. Renewed minimap. Shows new icons for quests and npc.
7. Renewed World Map view.
- Clicking on a region in the overworld map will show detailed maps.
- Clicking on the towns will show a more detailed map of the town.
8. Wed IME will be renewed? Whatever that is.
9. Master classes will be added.
Master class names:
Knight --> Knight Guard
Warrior --> Hero
Bishop --> Archbishop
Priest --> Saint
Soul Breeder --> Maestro

Champion --> Investments (lol)
Archer --> Shrine
Masusa --> Nachal (Match it later)
Madosa --> Sage (Match it later)
Matusa --> Geum (Match it later)

Assassin --> Specter
Warlock --> Shadow Stalker
Sorcerer --> Dumsyieo (match it later)
Dakeumejisyeon --> Soul River
Baeteulseomeoneo --> Mesh side of the road

Skills in job characteristics are added.
- Details to be added later. Need further translation.

10. Master class quests added.
Minimum Level 148. Total of 39 quests added.

11. A master class only mount added.
12. Master class equipment added.
- 4 sets of costumes, 4 helms, 4 gloves, 4 boots, 12 weapons, 2 shields, and one belt.
13. A new type of cube is added?
14. New changes to the Stable. Improved UI and pet loss functionality.
15. New way to show quests.
16. It is now possible to right click items to view options.
17. New type of quests points added.
18. New way to determine which pet is a primary and secondary. This allows for dual summoning to lose the summon pet on secondary pets instead of the primary pets.
19. Lak traders will no longer sell individual boost chips. They will sell them in bundles instead.
20. Lak exchange changed involving Luna chips (pending further translation).
21. A bargainer? will be added for selling items.
22. New skills added. Read more about them here.
http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... 3Fno%3D566
23. Improved existing skills. Read more about them here.
http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... 3Fno%3D566
24. Quest rewards are changed. List of them here.
http://translate.google.com/translate?h ... 3Fno%3D566
25. Added three new Yeti mobs in the Palmir Region. Added some master mardukas, and zombies to the world.
26. Something to do with merchants has been added.
27. Major bug fixes addressed.
- Taming bug fixed from afar.
- Enchantment of belt bug fixed.
- Bug with quest activation fixed.
- Dungeon manager conversation bug fixed.
- White Dragon evolution showing incorrect effects fixed.
- Something related to the US version of a NPC fixed.

Temple Masters Track - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGxX_--OCu8

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  1. Thanks for that, it'll be good for anyone who hasn't already been keeping up with news on the Rappelz forum. It's been a fun ride, seeing people's reactions each time a new piece of information got loosely translated to English ;)


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