November 17, 2011

Epic 7.3 is here!

What I saw at first:

Log in 


NPC symbols

NPC stone store


Red bar on mobs

Constant green message 

Now chips is a skill... but anyways chips are needed else u cant use it... kinda stupid. 

Now the disaster:

Since people dont know how to work as a team, the Master Class quest are just a mess.
Only took pics of the Warrior Platform and areas.

one of the worst quest ever... 

More pictures to come...

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  1. Hi LadyLuck,

    Have seen you a couple of times in Rappelz !
    Im Armagedom, today a 154.85 Overlord =) from SDS Guild; roaming from some sites got on yours ! nice job ! and seeing you love rappelz and video-games - rare taste among girls =) nice to meet you !



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