April 3, 2011

Animal Crackers + Kenta Card | APRIL FOOLS! Pre-Patch Notes: Epic III

Animal Crackers
This weekend in the Item Shop we are selling a special Animal Crackers + Kenta Card bundle! Is your pet looking more like Aquaman than Hulk? Some Animal Crackers will help that puny pet prepare to perpetrate a HULK SMASH! Animal Crackers are compatible with the new Creature Stable, too!
Due to a few complaints about the new features we've added in the past three and a half years, we have decided to roll the game back to everyone's favorite epic, Epic III! See below for the pre-patch notes!

Epic III: Old School

  • Level cap reduced to 150. All characters above this level will be set to level 150.
  • Second Job classes removed. All characters will be reset to their first jobs and their skills removed.
  • Several pets have been removed. All removed pets will be replaced with a level 1 Tortus.
  • Overbreeding system changed! I don't really understand how this thing works, so one of you will have to post about it in the forums.
  • All dungeons except Relics of Arid Moonlight, Lost Mines, and Crystal Valley have been removed.
  • Many items have been removed. You can now buy the most powerful items you could possibly need (R4 basic gear) in any town! Convenient!
  • Drop rate reduced WAY WAY WAY down.
  • Arenas and auction houses removed.
  • Veiled Island removed.
  • Many other features removed.
  • Striders now have access to a new skill: Defect Finding!

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