April 17, 2012

Race to 25 Event

Do you love making new characters and leveling them up as quickly as possible? Are you an altoholic? Now is your time to show everyone how good you are at leveling! Show your server pride and participate in the Race to 25 Event! The fastest leveler out of all of the servers will win a week long server buff for their server!
Event Schedule:
  • Tortus - 4/13 (3:00PM PST)
  • Bahamut - 4/16 (3:00PM PST)
  • Unicorn - 4/17 (3:00PM PST)
  • Fenrir -4/18 (3:00PM PST)
  • Naga -4/19 (3:00PM PST)
  • Pantera - 4/20 (3:00PM PST)
  • Players may not race on their own servers.
  • Create a character on the server you will be racing on and include a tag at the beginning of the character's name to indicate your home server (You may only identify with 1 home server): 
    • TOR(name) - Tortus
    • BAHA(name) - Bahamut
    • PAN(name) - Pantera
    • FEN(name) - Fenrir
    • NAGA(name) - Naga
    • UNI(name) - Unicorn
  • Do not advance your character in any way before the start of the race. You must remain in the starting ring of the intro area for your race.
  • You cannot give or receive items from other players (including picking up items other players have dropped).
  • Once you reach level 11, you must leave Trainee Island.
  • The logs of the winners will be checked to ensure that all rules were followed. Breaking any rule results in disqualification.
  • Once you’ve reached level 25 you must alert a GM.
  • Home server players are allowed to hinder the progress of the racers.
TOP 8: 3 Stamina Savers + 3 Animal Crackers + Olympic Shoes (30 days)
TOP 3: Top 8 Prize + Archangel Wings (30 days) + 3 God Mother Fairy's Bottle
Reward 3: The fastest leveler chooses a buff from the following list for his/her main serverto receive for 1 week.
Option A - Max HP/MP increase 50%
Option B - Mysterious Energy (Crits heal for 500 HP)
Option C - Attack/Magic Power Increase 48%
Option D - Accuracy/Magic Acc Increase 100%
Option E - Attack/Cast Speed Increase 48%

For more information, please visit our forum.

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