April 19, 2012

Sales Update 4/18 - 4/24

Sales Update 4/18/12
This week, take a chance on Lucky Box of The Hero!
 The Lucky Box of The Hero is guaranteed to give you 1 Stamina Savers. However, it may also give you following items:
- 1 Lucky Potion
- 2 God Mother Fairy Bottles
- 1 E-Protect
- 1 Growth Potion
- Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit

NOTE: When you buy this item, you only get the contents of the box, NOT an actual box. 

Strike Cubes are used to enchant weapons. When successfully combined with a weapon, its attack power is increased. Ancient Strike Cubes have a 30% increased chance of success compared to normal strike cube.

**Ongoing Event**
Do you love making new characters and leveling them up as quickly as possible? Are you an altoholic? Now is your time to show everyone how good you are at leveling! Show your server pride and participate in the Race to 25 Event! The fastest leveler out of all of the servers will win a week long server buff for their server! Check out our forum for the event thread to find more about Race to 25!

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