December 8, 2010

Interviewing LadyLuck

  • Main Character name: LadyLuck
  • Class: Chaos Mage
  • Lv or Rank: R6 (Lv.13x) 
  •  Pet you use with Main: For dps, sieges or pvp I use Naga, for farming (sometimes) I use Red Pixie.
  • Location: Puerto Rico
  • Guild: ShadowHearts
  • How long u been playing Rappelz? 4yrs
  • Tell us about ur character:  Lazy character who always stay in town, that way I avoid any risk of death :P
  • Why that name?  I started to use LadyLuck name when I was playing Free For All in Halo 2.  So then when I made a Rappelz character I used the same.
  • Why that class? Rappelz was my first MMO, I always like magic and Rappelz had this "Dark Mage" class which sounds interesting and similar to the RPG's.
  • Your favorite pet and why?  I like the RedPixie and Naga.  I have my Red Pixie since E3, it kill faster than any other pet and have great damage. Naga because of the debuffs and attack, are really nice for pvp and sieges.
  • How did u knew about Rappelz? Do u remember the epic and how was it?  I knew about it cuz of my bf, he invited me to play with him. Was Epic 3 in Jan. 01, 2007. I remember GM's ion the game almost everyday, doign crazy and random events.  The holidays events where with cash shop items like Stamina Saver, E-pro, Ancient Cubes, Masks...
  • What you like about Rappelz? During all this years i been trying other games but at the end I end up in Rappelz cuz of the pets and community (my guild).
  • What would you change about it? I would change the tpros, some cash shop items, lack of quests, lack of space in Sanctuary Dungeon, lack of events and creativity.
  • Tell us ur best or funniest moment in Rappelz: Almost everyday is funny in Rappelz, my guild members are always saying funny stuffs, but the funniest one was in a dp: 
  • The worst thing it ever happened to you (in game): When my Naga got scammed by a hacker who was using a "friend" account, I didnt know the guy got hacked.
  • Do you have more characters? Yeah, i have 2 full accounts.
  • What do u expect of the future of the game?  At this rate I expect nothing, the GM's and Devs are doing whatever they like and want with the game forgetting the players who at the end are the ones who pay they check.
  • What are ur in-game plans?  Get R7, make my alts R5 or R6, all my pets Evo 3 full OB.

EvoTer and Me

Lulubell and Me

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