July 3, 2012

Weekend Sales Update

Weekend Sales Update 6/29/12

This weekend, you will get the chance to see how lucky you are. We are introducing a new item, "Hourglass" which has a chance to yield one of your favorite items, "Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit"! Test your luck today with the Lucky Box of Hourglass and Lucky Box of Protection! Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Lucky Box of Hourglass

Test your luck today and get UP TO 100 Hourglasses, 2 Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit, and 1 Riley's Kit!

Gives a chance to remove a belt slot and yield 1 Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit
*Only work with the belt with 5 slots or more

Lucky Box of Protection

Any luck with the Lucky Box of Hourglass? Try this one then! Get up to 100 E-protect!

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