May 3, 2012

Sales update 5/02 - 5/08

Sales Update 5/02/12
Are you enjoying the warmth of Spring? There is much more to enjoy with this week's sale! Lucky Box of The Protector, Scroll of Rebirth and Scroll of Creature Taming have been added to the item shop in response to popular demand!  
This box offers a chance to get great items at a great price! You are guaranteed to get 1 Lucky Potion. And you also have a chance to get one or more of the following items!
Altered Pieces of Vitality x3
Feathers of Union x2
S-Protect x1
E-Protect x1
T-Protect Mirror x1
Feeling Lucky?

This special item is on a limited-time sale. When used, the scroll will return ALL job points used to increase job levels as well as skill/spell points! 

This scroll resets the taming skill's cooldown time. No need to wait for cooldown when you are busy taming monsters!

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