April 25, 2012

Sales Update 4/25 - 5/1

Sales Update 4/25/12
Are you enjoying the warmth of Spring? There is much more to enjoy with this week's sale! Talented Lucky Box and Ancient Defense Cube have been added to the item shop in response to popular demand! Also take advantage of gPotato Game Card redemption offer, which will end at the end of April. Charging gPotato with gPotato Game Card will instantly give your extra 10% of your deposit amount!  
This special box will always contain 1 Stamina Saver and 1 Animal Cracker. However, you also have a chance to win following items:
E-Protect Powder x1
E-Repair Powder x1
Impact Amplifier (1 hour) x 2
Mirror Amplifier (1 hour) x 2
Honoary Knights TP Card Treasure Chest x 1
Feeling Lucky?

These rare ancient object can be used to enchant armors. Unlike a normal Defense Cube, this item features additional 30% chance rate of success. 

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