April 26, 2012

Farewell to Spring Marathon

Hello, everyone!

May "May 2012" be filled with exciting events! Your wish came true. Along with the weekly Invasion Event, we are hosting a special login event with shocking rewards during the month of May! Just login & enjoy free rewards, and you might just win a brand new Ipad, 5,000 gPotatoes, or a razer gaming mouse! Check out the details of the login event!

A Massive EXP BOOST for Everyone! (May 9th – June 3rd)
We’re saying farewell to Spring and welcoming in Summer by giving everyone a boost in EXP! We’re increasing the exp rate by 50% for the entire duration of the event! The best thing about this event is all you have to do is login and play!

(STAGE I) Login and Win Great Prizes! (May 9th – May15th)
Feeling hungry for Animal Crackers?! Need a Stamina Saver to satisfy that leveling thirst?! Winning is as easy as logging in!

Everyday you login and you’ll get 1 Stamina Saver!
Login FIVE days and you’ll get 5 free Animal Crackers!

(STAGE II) Login and Win More Great Prizes! (May 16th – May 22nd)
Let’s do some Spring cleaning! Break out the equipment you have in storage that you’ve always wanted to enchant! Get 5 E-protect for just logging in 5 days during this period! You can still get a free stamina saver every day you login!

Login Everyday and get 1 Stamina Saver!
Login Five Days and you’ll get 5 E-Protects!

(STAGE III) Double Up!! (May 23rd – June 3rd)
What’s better than Animal Crackers or E-protects just for logging in?! Getting both! For a limited time you can receive both items if you login 7 days during our ‘double up’ period.

Login Everyday and Get 1 Stamina Saver!
Login 7 days and you’ll get 5 free Animal Crackers and 5 E-protects!

(MINI-BOSS STAGE) Test of Patience (May 9th – June 3rd)
Quench your thirst with a free permanent loot pet!
To prepare for the summer days when it’s too hot to do anything, we’re giving away a free permanent loot pet! If you’re tired of bending over to pick up your loot then this is the event for you! Give in to your laziness and have your new free permanent loot pet pick it up for you!

Players who log in 22 days or more throughout the entire event will receive a FREE permanent loot pet!

(BOSS STAGE) Grand Prize (May 9th – June 3rd)
Everyone who completes all the login requirements of the event will not only receive the Free permanent loot pet but will Also be eligible to win one of these Great Prizes!

  • 1 winner will receive an IPad 3!
  • 5 winners will receive 5,000 gPotatoes!
  • 10 winners will receive a Razer mouse!

Event Rules:
• There is no minimum time required to be logged in to receive the reward.
• Reward items are non-tradable items/account bound (Cannot be dropped, etc).
• Daily prizes will be awarded on the following day.
• 5-day prizes will be awarded during the weekly maintenance.
• You must log-in EACH day to be counted. Being logged in for consecutive days will result in 1 day counted, therefore you MUST logout at least once in 24 hours.
• Your account must have a character over level 15 from the start of the event in order to be eligible.
• All dates/time are US Pacific Daylight Time.
**Rules are subject to change without notice.

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