February 15, 2012

Sales Update 2/15/12

Sales Update 2/15/12
  The Lucky Box of the Hero is guaranteed to contain one Stamina Saver
and may contain one or more of following items:
* 1 Lucky Potion
* 2 God Mother Fairy Bottles
* 1 E-Protect
* 1 Growth Potion
* Ultimate Belt Upgrade Kit
 This box contains 5 Ancient Skill Cubes with the added bonus of
5 Free S-Protect Cards!
 Complete your T7 set with one of the following T7 Level 160 helms:
[VII] Hunters Aurelian Helm
[VII] Summoners Amberscale Veil
[VII] Warriors Sandspike Helm
[VII] Magicians Stasis Cowl

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