January 30, 2012

Got Hack - Day 2

I emailed the Gm's Sunday afternoon.  Today (Monday) I got a response:

Thank you for notifying us that your account has been compromised; we are beginning our investigation.
Please change your account password here: http://register.gpotato.com/?m=Reset&a=Resetpassword.
Please note that we will not attempt to recover your characters/items unless you have regained control of your account. If you cannot log in to your account, please notify us immediately.
Please reply to this email to let us know that you have received it.

Rappelz Customer Support - Gala-Net Inc. 


Your case's investigation is complete and is now in queue for item restoration. Please bear with us a bit longer as item restoration is a long strenuous process. Keep in mind that ALL of your items that were stolen will be restored.
Once again, we're very sorry for the delay and thank you for contacting Rappelz Customer Support!

Rappelz Customer Support - Gala-Net Inc. 
Im impress how fast they answered and work on it, now is all about to sit and wait for my Items. Thanks to Eva  my naga Lulu is safe and back to my account.  Thanks to Gala-Net team.

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