August 3, 2011

But... he said I was going to be a GM!

by Rappelz on Monday, August 1, 2011 at 2:06pm

Recently, some rather undesirable players have been impersonating Gala-Net staff and gaining account information from unsuspecting victims. This message is to remind you of the following:

- Gala-Net staff will NEVER, under any circumstances, ask you to provide and/or modify your account information. This includes changing the e-mail and/or password on the account.

- Official Game Masters will always have a [GM] tag in front of their names. Accept no substitutes!

- Lastly, Game Masters are NOT chosen from in-game! Impersonators have gotten away with account information by offering a GM position to random players, requesting that they change the e-mail address on the account. Do not do this! Be wary of players using different variations of the following names: GalaINet, GalaILab, IGalanet, IGalalab, WorkForGalaNet, WorkForGalaLab, and so forth.

Also, do not click on any links claiming to offer free gPotatoes. More likely than not, these sites are malicious in their intent and may attempt to steal personal information from you.

Thank you!
- [GM]Kyodan

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