April 14, 2011

Patch Notes - 04/13/11

  • +50% EXP event removed.
  • +50% Drop Rate event added.
  • Added new decorative hats to the game. Look for these in the Item Shop soon.
  • Improved the tooltips for Strike and Defense cubes.
  • Added some text that was previously missing.

New Decorative Hats Available! Country Cloaks On Sale This Week!

New Deco Hats
This week we are introducing to the Item Shop four all new Decorative Hats! From the wacky and adorable Happy Monkey Hat to the rugged Wild Outlaw's Hat, our new hats are a great way to express yourself! Also this week only Country Cloaks are available and discounted at 20% off! Represent your nation with pride and style!

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