September 21, 2010

Special Sale Alert! ★

We are having an Epic Sale to celebrate the launching of Rappelz Epic 7


T-Protect - Protect your precious pet cards from a failed taming attempt!

1,200 gPotatoes

E-Repair + Angel Card Package - A 5 pack of E-Repairs at a 40% discount PLUS a free bonus Angel Card!

E-Repair Powder (5) + Bonus Angel Card
E-Repair Powder (5) + Bonus Angel Card
6,000 gPotatoes
Sale: 3,600 gPotatoes

E-Protect - A 5 pack of E-Protects at 50% off the bundle price! This one is so hot we are offering it this weekend only!

E-Protect (5)
E-Protect (5)
2,000 gPotatoes
Sale: 1,800 gPotatoes

Act now - this sale will end at Noon on October 1st Pacific Time.

Click here to check it out before it is gone!


  1. It's this weekend. The prices hasn't been reduced yet, it will be on Friday.

  2. Oooh! lol what a fail xD Thx for the info Eva ;)


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