November 19, 2010


I have seen so many spammers lately that are even making me sick.  The game was good for a time and now they are back.  Spammers are everywhere and sometimes there's 3 per place! I even took pictures of this and I hope Gms really do something before the game get killed by this. I know YOU guys can do something, yeah, I'm talking to you GM's and Devs.

@Flea Market


@ Trainee Island
What are your opinions about this?


  1. It's just half of the problem unfortunately and that's just ONE of the COUNTLESS problems that are rushing it towards its shut down. The other half of the spammer problem is the in-game economy. If everything wasn't so over priced then they would be out of a business. This is of course just my opinion.
    Fenrir GodHeals (On an indefinite break)

  2. I almost quit Rappelz because of spammers, then I remembered my friends and was invited into ShadowHearts.

  3. My friends all have left as well so not much point in playing for a while. Also had my guild penalty is still up so I'll see what I decide to do tomorrow when it's up.
    Fenrir GodHeals (On an indefinite break)


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