May 21, 2010

May Event - PET!

I know this isnt new, but gonna write my review.

For the next two weeks, the letters P, E, and T will drop from monsters all over the world. And you know what those letters spell...PET!

Combine P-E-T for one of the following items:

  • Creature Resurrection Scroll
  • Normal Basic Pet Card
  • 14 Day Decorative Pet
  • An Exclamation Mark!

An exclamation mark, you ask? Well, pets are like anything else - the louder the better! So add an exclamation mark to your pet!

Combine P-E-T-! for one of the following items:

  • 5 Creature Resurrection Scrolls
  • Special Basic Pet Card
  • 30 Day Decorative Pet
  • Creature Taming Card
  • +2 Creature Taming Card
  • Animal Cracker

I didnt had much time to try out, i did farm sometimes but not much like to get so many letters and try so many times. In total i tried around 5-6 times PET and got somes ! so i made PET!
Heres some guildmates opinions:

Featherboy: Lv 15x Druid:
Thu May 06, 2010
"the drops are terrible especially the "!""

NightRain: Lv 12x Priest
Thu May 06, 2010
''with these drops i doubt it..........."

Thu May 06, 2010

"You have to combine PET to get a ! and So far for me....

4 ! marks
1 e-octo
1 e-rp
1 rez scroll

1 AC
5 Rez scroll
+2 CTC
+1 CTC

want some damn special basics =D"

LadyLuck: Lv 12x Chaos Mage:
May 06, 2010
"I was making a new sorc (remake) and all i got till lvl 16 was 3 P's"

Ksanti: Lv 11x Soul Breeder:
May 08, 2010

e Harpy from PET!

Persona: Lv 9x Warlock
May 08, 2010
"All I get are P's and E's, the damn T's are elusive to me !!!!"

LadyLuck: Lv 12x Chaos Mage:
May 08, 2010
"I farmed for 2hrs aprox, made 3 "PET" = 2 15 deco pet and 1 e.b.pixie"

NightRain: Lv 12x Priest
May 10, 2010

"Thats all I've been getting from PET is the common pets. I think I have 2 of each now Sad.

"T"s are the hardest letter to get for me.

"I did combine PET! and got hawk @ harpy which mothernature witnessed me blow up yesterday.

On to more TI PET failing tonight.

WTT P and E for some dame Ts!!!

In my opinion, it was a good event, better than Spring Event. I hope the GM's do more good and fun events like this one. Meybe next one we can get Rare pets :o (that would be great! ;))

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