April 30, 2010

+50% Exp event

We have a +50% experience event! Yay! NOT!

It's cool we have this event, But here are some pros and cons:

  • You can lvl up faster (at lvl 124 u can get aprox 20% per dp on ss at Island)
  • Lvl up pets
  • You can sell stamina savers (from cash shop) and get 10m each, same with the Animal Crackers.
  • Champion mobs are a really good help, they give a lot of exp, so they are great to solo (on alts) and lvl up faster. Much better than solo in dungeon.
  • There isn't any spots for dps, so many ppl playing and no dungeons spots + lag!
  • Dps gets full fast, so if ur late, u have to wait hrs for another dp
  • Stamina saver price increase to almost 10m each, so if your buying it's a con, the same with the Animal Crackers
  • Animal Crackers price also increased to aprox 7m
  • Lag everywhere since there's more ppl playing and also wasting their time afk in the Flea Market.

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