April 4, 2010

Spring Event L337

Rappelz Spring event 2010: L337
I really have to opinion about this:

Here is Event details:
Are you "leet" enough for Spring? Prove it by showing how much you pwn with your pewpewpew lazers! For the next two weeks you can collect some 1337 13773rs and get some epic loot! - Letters barely drop.
Combine the letters P-E-W to receive one of the following: Random +1 Skill Card, 15 Day Decorative Pet, 2 Honey Bread, 2 Honey Water, Decorative Pet Name Change, or consolation Rupee Bag. -
I tried PEW and got 2 Honey Bread or 2 Honey water.
Combine the letters P-W-N to receive one of the following: Card with !, 1 Honey Bread, 1 Honey Water - PWN combination is a waste of time.
Combine PEWPEWPEW! to receive one of the following: Random +2 Skill Card, 30 Day Decorative Pet, 4 Honey Bread, 4 Honey Water, or Creature Name Change.- Guess what, I got 4 Honey Bread trying this, so in my opinion: FAIL

Past year’s events were more exciting, I remember my first Rappelz spring event in Epic 3 - I got 2 Bunny Masks (still have them). Last year I got one permanent Bunny cloak, which is now missing... GM's pressed wrong button and cloaks went "BOOM" so now it’s all about waiting for them to return. This years event is really lame, so don't waste your time.

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