March 19, 2010

So lets start...

Hi, welcome to my first post! Lets start with the first things u might know.

My in-game name is LadyLuck (Fenrir Server), at the moment I'm a Chaos Mage R7 (150+)  I haven been playing Rappelz since January 1, 2007 (For the time was Rappelz Epic 3: Siege for Glory (Nov. 2006), in April 2007 I made my own guild (ShadowHearts) with my boyfriends help.
He introduced me to Rappelz., but at first I didn't like 'cause I would get bored. He was leveling faster than me, so I was left behind. ^^ With time, I met more people near my level from the guild, that way I started to move forward and level up to where I am today.

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