March 23, 2010

Memoirs of a noob

At first you start out in one of the three mini-towns on Trainee Island, if you are an Asura you will port here. My main character is an Asura - Dark Magician- Chaos Mage... I'll explain all that to you later - -;

My 2nd character is Deva and you will port here.

And my third character is a Gaia - Kahuna - Druid and here's where Gaia's port

In my opinion my favorite port is Gaia's port, maybe because i like trees... dont know haha.

About Trainee Island: After you port there, you have to do some tutorial quests in that area, yes is a training.

This training can go really fast if you pay attention to the instructions quests give you, also having a high level pet or someone to help you, it can be done in less than 1 day.

In the island you should learn how to pick up items for quests, kill mobs and loot dropped items, taming creatures, skills for you class, summon creature, level up gear and weapons and more.

After done with the quests in your mini town, you can move to Main Camp.
There you have to do more quests.

One of the last quest is "Entering Nevislamia" Is a ghost ship, also a mini dungeon.

The zombie crew

The first Room

My favorite room, I like the sign in the floor, is also Dragonic Age Logo :) Here you gonna receive a quest about finding some pieces of the strange girl in the ship. Your mission is enter every room (there's 6) and get the 6 pieces.

This is her room, one of the quest room.

Another room

Doing Quest
Doing quest in other room

Same room

After you've done the quest, you can then go kill the boss

Boss room

Killing Boss - he is kinda huge

After this quest and some other things, you are free to go and leave Training Island. I stayed with that character until lvl 20, i left Nevislamia for last, mostly u can finish training at lvl 15-17. The teleport will send u to your hometown.

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