June 7, 2012

Patch Notes - 6/07/2012

6/07: Epic 7 Reanimation Update
  • Added The Labyrinth as a new dungeon for the master classes that requires a party to enter. (means u cant solo)
  • Added the Lydian, a normal basic pet that is rideable. (@ Fenrir a fresh oen cost 1b, wait for price to decrease, before getting one - same thing happened with Wolf)
  • Revamped various UI: quest UI, party UI, world map UI, etc. 
  • Added 3 new events to celebrate the launch of Reanimation.
  • Extended EXP boost event for one additional week.
  • Added new belts, earrings, and rings that give a set bonus (found in the Labyrinth)
Im not really excited about the new patch, is just a Lydian and a new dungeon... The dungeon is Lv 160+ and the "DOTS" are back again, killing people while running. 

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