October 29, 2010

Class: R2 Breeder

  • Deva pet class. 
  • Is like the healer of the pets, it have healing pet skills and pet buffs.
  • Can dual summon pets.  
  • Have self heal
  • Mace (preferable when ur low lvl)
  • Staff
  • Deva Summoner Armor
  • Any Summoner armor

Pro about Breeder:

  • With good pets, can solo in a dungeon.
  • Good pvp class (I would say OP)
  • The only pet class that can buffs others pets without party.
  • Can lvl pets faster (like all the pet classes)
  • It use M.attack and P.attack
  • You have to keep control of the dual summon.
  • Can be boring at some point
  • Playing as a mage it can be a pain, since it doesn't have fast spamm skills, but with red piexes you can be fine. 

Recommendable pets: (Depend on ur build: Magic or Physical attack user)
  • Yeti
  • Red Pixie
  • Siren
  • Angel
  • Naga
  • Ifrit
  • I think almost all the pets based on M. attack or P.attack are just fine but like I said, depend on ur build.

What I like of this character is that it can be really strong with the proper pets.  Not all the classes can solo in a dungeon or at least handle it like this one.  The dual summon time is longer than others pet classes so that's a really big vantage. This is almost R3.

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