January 24, 2012

Improved Security: Password Reset

Dear Players,

As we continue to improve security on Rappelz, we'd ask that any players, who have not changed their passwords after Jan. 14th, change their passwords.

We are asking players to do this because some players information may be compromised, but the player has not be hacked yet, as a result changing your password with our new security settings will ensure that any older password that someone may have will be unusable and the new security measure will help protect your new passwords.
You can reset your passwords at the following website: http://register.gpotato.com/?m=Reset&a=Resetpassword
We would also like to extend our assurance to players that we're doing our best to restore hacked accounts. We regret how long it is taking to do so, however, restoring accounts is very time and labor intensive. We will continue to restore accounts as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your patience.

-The Rappelz [GM] Team

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