December 7, 2011

Weekly Sales (12/7 to 12/20)

It's that time of the year again! We have a line up of awesome sales for you
that will enhance your Rappelz experience!
Ancient Chaos Stones are 30% off this week! Have too much Lak to handle? 
Save yourself time and effort
 with a higher capacity Chaos Stone!
Stop wasting time running to town! Stay on the battlefield!
Master Class Helmets are now in the Item Shop! 
Flaunt the newest line of gear while reaping the benefits!
All Master Class Helmets have 6 Soul Stone slots and are non-Dura!
Enhance your Skill Cards with comfort and ease with Skill Upgrade Packs 
at 30% off! These packs contain Ancient Skill Cubes and S-Protects, which
guarantee that you have a higher chance of combining Skill Cards
and are protected against losing them due to failure!
Additionally, our Hidden Village Pass sale has been extended for another week!
Purchase a 90-day HV Pass at 50% off to gain access to exclusive discounts,
buffs, and benefits today!

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