November 19, 2011

Rebirth Scrolls and Amplifiers!

Amplifiers and Rebirth Scrolls!
This weekend in the Item Shop, we're selling Rebirth Scrolls and our brand new items,Amplifiers!
These new items let you do your maximum damage all the time without having to bother with using Luna Chips!

Amplifiers!? Excuse me but... wth is this crap?! 
Btw, if your master class, DONT USE REBIRTH SCROLL! You lose your TP! 

Impact Amplifier(5)

You have a chance when buying this package to get extra God Mother Fairys Bottles!
Impact Amplifier 
Using this item will give your character a buff for 1 hour that makes all of your attacks affect the target with the Luna Chip debuff for 1 minute.
Does not trigger on area of effect spells. Persists through death. Time will count down while logged off.
Cannot be dropped


  1. Using a rebirth scroll once you have done masterclass reset everything and you do get to keep the TPs that you quested for. Just talk to Hector and you'll be able to switch from your new class to the master class.

  2. Really? but theres a window that says if you RB u lose ur TP... but thanks for info!


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